Nathan Daschle

Nathan Daschle is an old school, retrofitted acrylic paint slinger who has been quietly honing his skills as an artist, training for the day when he'd be ready to show his work.

He paints portraits of historic, iconic, and in some cases fictitious people from all different time periods.  With his somewhat loose expressionist style, Nathan produces unique works that blur the lines between expressionism and abstract.

Inside that blur he captures the true essence of human feelings.  Inside that blur he exposes the secrets of the iconic subjects he paints and reveals to us the hidden parts and human emotions that connect us all.

Nathan's canvases look like a popular graffiti wall that keeps getting painted over.  His brilliant colors, rough textures, and heavy brushstrokes set the mood.  The figure's face is frozen in time like a movie paused, revealing a raw and deeply personal truth for the world to see.  A script written by an unflinching storyteller.

Nathan lives in Washington, D.C., where he works as a lobbyist and political consultant.  When not working, making art, or training in a boxing gym, he's chilling with his two awesome boys.  He takes pride in teaching his dogs synchronized eating.

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