Woody Woodbridge

Woody Woodbridge is a primitive artist from North East Pennsylvania. The characters that he paints in his art actually live in his brain and most of their roots are based in reality.  

Every piece of his art is like a page from his autobiography. 

His story is about the mental game, having a positive attitude, and how to keep strong through brutal times. 

Woody lived in mental hospitals and boys homes throughout his youth, and as an adult he wasted many years a hopeless drunk. 


Those struggles were a blessing and foundation for everything that he puts into his unique artistic style. 


Woody wants to spend the rest of his life helping the most desperate of souls realize, through his words, his art, and his own life’s actions, that they are not alone. 


If he ever finds free time he would like to meditate, skateboard, and play harmonica. 


He lives with his wonderful wife, intelligent son, and loving dog. He loves them dearly and acknowledges that he would be nothing without them.